CA Support offers the following services

  • Personal meeting with client to discuss needs and specifications for the position
  • Creating job description, if necessary
  • Creating and publishing recruitment advertisements, if necessary
  • Conducting selection interviews with suitable candidates
  • Short-listing suitable candidates
  • Facilitate final interviews with candidates and employers
  • Reference checking
  • Psychometric testing
  • Negotiate agreement with successful candidate
  • Compiling letter of appointment
  • Regret letters to unsuccessful candidates
High calibre people on tap – get the expertise you need, when you need it by engaging in a temp.

A temporary employee is the ideal resource under a wide range of circumstances, including: To cover for sick leave or annual leave.
To ‘back-fill’ an employee on secondment.
To undertake a specific project.
During a restructure, while establishing permanent job specifications.

With experienced temps available at short notice, we can support with a suitable person from a half day, a full day, a week, a month or on an ongoing basis.

CA Support manages response handling on behalf of our Clients.

Are you looking to improve the way that you manage employee performance within your organisation then we can help. Whether it’s reviewing your current performance management system or creating an appraisal process from scratch, we have the expertise to help you.
An exit interview is typically a meeting between at least one representative from a company’s human resources (HR) department and a departing employee. (The departing employee usually has voluntarily resigned vs. getting laid off or fired.) The HR rep might ask the employee questions while taking notes, ask the employee to complete a questionnaire, or both. (Sample exit interview questions are listed on page 2.)

What’s the Purpose of an Exit Interview?

Human resources departments conduct exit interviews (also called exit surveys) to gather data for improving working conditions and retaining employees. However, a hidden purpose is to help employers avoid costly litigation down the road, caused by “disgruntled” employees. In other words, your comments and the notes an HR rep takes during your exit interview might be used against you in court, should you decide to sue your former employer.

The primary objective of Thomas International is to provide a dependable and professional system for business organisations to better select, train, develop, evaluate and manage their most important asset – THEIR PEOPLE

As your company grows you need to ensure that you’re managing and treating your talent consistently. A set of policies and procedures will ensure that you manage your talent effectively and at the same time promote fairness and consistency throughout your organisation.
A job description advise prospective and current employees of what is expected in a certain job. It is also used for determining compensation and performance reviews. Job specification is not so much a legal document, but a guideline to employees for quality service delivery.
Job Gradings…
Avoid disputes and disagreements by having required employment contracts in place. We can work with you to create a set of employment contracts that supports your business and at the same time ensure that your employees understand their rights and responsibilities.
Employee Letters, Forms & Reports…
The term ‘induction’ is generally used in a workplace context to describe the whole process whereby employees adjust or acclimatise to their jobs and working environment. As part of this process, ‘orientation’ can be used to refer to a specific course or training event that new starters attend, and ‘socialisation’ can be used to describe the way in which new employees build up working relationships and find roles for themselves within their new teams. Some people use the term ‘onboarding’ to describe the whole process from an individual’s contact with the organisation before they formally join, through to understanding the business’ ways of working and getting up to speed in their job.

Every organisation, large or small, should have a well-considered induction programme. Employees who have a well thought-out induction are more likely to stay with the organisation. The induction programme should provide all the information that new employees need, and are able to assimilate, without overwhelming or diverting them from the essential process of integration into a team.

The length and nature of the induction process depends on the complexity of the job and the background of the new employee. One size does not fit all – a standardised induction course is unlikely to satisfy anyone.

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